No Kid Hungry Youth Ambassador
2017 Paid Summer Internship with Hunger Free Heartland's Summer Meal Program

Hunger Free Heartland is an organization for change that builds collaborating partnerships to implement solutions to end childhood hunger.


Raising awareness of what hunger looks like and its root causes in Nebraska.


Empowering people and organizations to reduce childhood food insecurity in their communities.


Strengthening communities to make lasting change in the lives of Nebraska children.

I didn't know I was hungry...

I didn’t know I was hungry even though I hadn’t eaten that day.

Food was not a friend to me.

    It was a foreign object at a store that I couldn’t afford.

When my stomach hurt through the emptiness calling out from my belly, I still didn’t know.

It growled and growled, but I couldn’t say anything because this feeling wasn’t new.

    This emptiness in my stomach was not new.

I was so used to being hungry that it wasn’t even hunger anymore; it was a way of life.

  But there’s nothing I can do about it.

    There’s no way to change it.

I’m just a child – a child looking up to a parent that has no money, no job, and three kids.

So for now I don’t mind not being hungry because realizing that you’re hungry means realizing that there’s a problem that you may not be able to fix.

    That you can’t afford to fix.

-Brettany M., former HFH Avenue Scholar