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Be an ALLY in the fight to end hunger:

  • ACTIVELY follow us on social media. We want our caring followers to be informed! Share what you learn with family & friends
  • Educate yourself and family/friends! Debunk hunger myths and challenge the misconceptions.
  • Listen to the stories of people who have experienced food insecurity (without judgment!) Practice empathy and seek to understand their experience.
  • If you have experienced food insecurity, share your story. We want to give you a voice in whatever way you are comfortable.
  • Donate to Hunger Free Heartland to help us provide our programs in more communities across Nebraska.
  • Volunteer your time at a local food bank or pantry.



  • Talk with your local school about meal programs. Do all children have access to breakfast and lunch?
  • Work with your community in implementing or supporting a summer meals program.
  • Ask your employer or favorite restaurant if they’d be interested in partnering with Hunger Free Heartland for a one time event, or a long term relationship.
  • Organize or sponsor an anti-hunger event. This could be a one-hour educational meeting, a 1-2 day community training, or long-term community development.

To get started, email!

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Thank you for your interest in supporting the mission of Hunger Free Heartland. If you have questions/ideas, contact us at