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Comfort Food

Sometimes we think we have absolutely nothing in common with another person. While that may be true in many ways, one thing that connects us all is our need for food. We can’t live without it.

We partnered with WhyArts to commission artwork conveying the different causes and realities of food insecurity in Nebraska. Mike Giron, the artist, interviewed individuals from the Heartland Hope Mission in Omaha and the theme of food as a “comfort” quickly emerged. Five thought-provoking pieces were created to help HFH start this conversation in communities across Nebraska.

What is the first thing you think of when you hear “Ice Cream”? Do you remember a fond memory with a family member? Do you think of your favorite flavor? Was it only for “special occasions” when you were a child? When thought of in this way, our relationship with food becomes rather intimate.

Comfort Foods, can be used as a stand alone opportunity or as part of the Hearts Against Hunger Curriculum. Interested in hosting Comfort Food, or have questions reach out to Ellen King.

Youth Education

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Corporate Staff Development

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