What is Hunger Free Heartland?
What is food insecurity?
What are some of the other organizations involved in your initiatives?
How can my organization get involved?
Do you accept monetary donations?
How can I personally support your efforts?
If you have a question other than those above, please contact us directly for answers.

What is Hunger Free Heartland?

Hunger Free Heartland is a coalition focused on mobilizing forces locally to take a proactive approach to the issue of childhood hunger. It’s not about doing more of the same. It’s about working together to find new approaches to solving problems. Through public-private partnerships, our goal is to identify and fill gaps, measure progress and engage others to build a hunger-free community.


What is food insecurity?

Most of us have experienced hunger at some time in our life. For the food insecure, hunger can be a persistent condition. Food insecurity describes a situation in which a person, child, or family has limited or uncertain access to a nutritionally adequate, safe food supply. It may also refer to “households struggling with hunger” (Food Research and Action Center). Very simply, it means that children don’t always know where their next meal is coming from. In Nebraska, one in five children or 21 percent is food insecure. Nationally, Nebraska ranks 37th in child food insecurity (Map the Meal Gap, Feeding America)

Food insecurity is a life-cycle issue that creates a “domino effect” of negative consequences: low birth weight and birth defects; obesity; mental health issues; dental health problems; poor education outcomes; and long-term economic costs. (Partnership for America’s Economic Success)


What are some of the organizations involved in your efforts?

We believe that each organization has a piece in the fight to end childhood hunger. This manifests itself by bringing together partners that cover multiple different disciplines to mobilize against hunger. We work heavily with our public school system across Nebraska as well as food pantries, food banks, the Midwest Dairy Council, government entities, urban gardeners, foundations, corporations, community and faith-based organizations and anyone who has a passion to end hunger for children.


How can I or my organization get involved?

Hunger Free Heartland serves primarily as a catalyst to help coordinate and focus the efforts of organizations working to end childhood hunger. If you or your organization would like to assist with any of our key priorities or if you have suggestions on other initiatives, please contact us.


Do you accept monetary donations?

We do accept monetary donations through the Omaha Community foundation funds: Omaha Community Foundation. All donated funds will be used to further the goals of identified collaborative initiatives based on the strategy and priorities of HFH.


How can I personally advocate for your efforts?

We understand that you have many demands upon your time, so we have developed a tiered approach for advocacy. This approach is called “Give 6”. We have a list of suggestions to get you started on how to “Give 6” here. Also, please share pictures or tweets about how you achieved this by using #give6NE.