You are walking along a river and you see a small child struggling in the water. What do you do?

You rescue the child!

You start walking again, but you see another small child struggling in the river. What do you do?

You rescue that child as well!

ANOTHER child is in the river. Soon, more and more children are seen struggling in the river.

Do you recruit people to help with the rescue effort?

Do you build a bridge across the river to easily rescue more children?

At what point do you send someone up river to stop whomever is allowing small children to be in such danger?

We are building a Hunger Free Heartland by “going up the river” and addressing the root causes of child food insecurity. Nebraska has several great organizations meeting the urgent need of feeding children and families. Unfortunately, this alone does not reduce food insecurity. If we are going to end childhood hunger in Nebraska, we must educate, advocate, and organize around the identified solutions. We need your help.

Our Initiatives:

Service Learning and Hunger Curriculum:
Partnering with schools is an important approach to increased awareness of solutions to food insecurity in our state. We work to create innovative curriculum and learning opportunities for students of all ages.

If you are interested in participating in service learning, email for more information.